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Bicycles onboard

At the ferry Ida we extend a very warm welcome to bicycle-tourists and bicyclists in general!


The ferry crossing at Bogø-Stubbekøbing is the bicyclist-motorway. You cannot cross the Faroe Bridges on bike so the Bogø-Stubbekøbing crossing has become the main connection for bikes between Lolland-Falster in the south and Bogø-Møn and Zealand in the north. And the pace and soul of the old ferry suits bicyclists very well.

Approximately 8,000 bicyclists cross every year, and no less than half of Denmarks internationale bicycle-routes cross at Bogø-Stubbekøbing, and so does two out of nine national routes. Also several regional routes are available on both sides of the crossing, where the area and the beautiful scenary invites to exiting trips at your leisure. 

The crossing at Bogø-Stubbekøbing is very important for the development of the bicycle tourism in the Storstrøms region. This type of tourism is in great growth and very well suited to the area of Bogø-Møn and Northeastern Falster. Especially the internationale routes have become quite popular in recent years.


The many inns and Bed & Breakfasts along the routes - the Berlin-Copenhagen route in particular - testifies to this growth and shows the great importance of the bicycle tourism for the entire region.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

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