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Take the ferry

Take the ferry at the Bogø-Stubbekøbing crossing when travelling between Falster and Bogø/Møn or vice versa. It is a shortcut and - as an additional bonus - you will not miss the experience of the fantastic nature at Grønsund and the trip on the charming old ferry - Ida. Almost like the old days.

Denmark is an island kingdom, and small ferries, like Ida, are a part of our culturel history. Unfortunately the old ferries are slowly becoming extinct and Ida is the only remaining wooden ferry in daily operation.

Many motorists pass the harbors and cross - almost like a backbone maneuver - at the Faroe Bridges. Bicyclists cannot cross the Faroe Bridges at all so the crossing is the bicyclist-motorway. A number of internationale, national and regional bicycle routes cross at Bogø-Stubbekøbing. And for good reason! The beauty of Grønsund and the trip on the old ferry are both quite relaxing, and we urge you to take a break from the stress and treat yourself to an enjoyable crossing. It is highly recommendable and worth your time.

See the schedule and ticket information in the tabs above.

We look forward to welcoming you onbard.

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