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The ferry Ida

For centuries there has been ferry crossings at different locations along the coastline of Grønsund. Since 1943 the crossing has been located between Bogø and Stubbekøbing.

Ida was bulit at Stege Shipyard in the late 1950´s. The ferry is named after the daughter of a famous prefetch, Wechselmann, in Præstø, and Ida embarged on her maiden voyage in 1959.

Following the opening of the Farø Bridges in 1985 the crossing has lost most of its importance as a traffic hub, and in 1996 the crossing was changed to a summer-route only, and hereafter Ida was the only ferry left to service the passengers.


Today Ida and the ferry crossing is of great importance - as at tourist attraction, bicycle ferry, and as a beloved treasure. Since the turn of the millenium the number of passengers - particularly the bicyclists - has increased, and the sailing period was extended to 1. May to 30. September.

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